The Unseen Ones

Director: Kurt Orderson
Country: South Africa
Year: 2012
Running Time: 19 min.
Language: Afrikaans

unseen para

The film centers around 27-year old Leagan Davids, aka Nico10 long, a dispossessed youth from the township Wesbank/Delft struggling against the high crime rate, substandard schooling and unemployment on the Cape Flats while trying to raise his three-year daughter, Allevia. The Wesbank/Delft area where Niko10long and his daughter live is a RDP post-apartheid project established to be one of Cape Town’s first mixed race townships. The area made world news in 2008 when backyard dwellers, who occupied over 1000 newly built N2 Gateway houses, were violently evicted by police using rubber bullets. Niko10long’s lyrics reflect on his life experiences and the reality of injustice and social ills on the Cape Flats in poetic Afrikaans, giving a unique view into a world that often remains unseen unless as a crime focus in news bulletins. This is particularly evident in his first music video — which will also be screened at the launch — for the track, Vaderfiguur, in which he raps poetically about the daily reality of an unemployed father raising his daughter.