Xoliswa Sithole

Biography: Xoliswa Sithole has acted in such films as Cry Freedom, Mandela, Fools, and Chikin Biznis. She has produced and researched several documentaries such as South Africa from Triumph to Transition and Nelson Mandela for CNN Prime Time, and the hit 13-part South African television series Real Lives. She has also produced and starred in Shouting Silent (2002), a documentary about female AIDS orphans. Currently she is producing a feature film written by renowned South African playwright Fatima Dike entitled The First South African.

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Shouting Silent (2002, 2011);
Martine and Thandeka (2009);
Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children (2011);
Child of the Revolution (2016).

Shouting Silent (2002);
Martine and Thandeka (2008);
Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children (2010);
Child of the Revolution (2005 – 2015).