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Director: Djibril Diop Mambety
Country: Senegal
Year: 1992
Running Time: 113 min
Language: Wolof with English subtitles

Mambety adapts a timeless parable of human greed into a biting satire of today’s Africa–betraying the hopes of independence for the false promises … read more»

Ousmane Sembene, France/Senegal, 1969, 65 min. Black Girl / La Noire de …

Director: Ousmane Sembène
Country: Senegal
Year: 1965
Running Time: 60 min.
Language: French

In the first years of independence in Senegal, Diouana, a beautiful and ambitious young woman, secures a job as a babysitter with a French couple working as … read more»

  • Namisha
  • Director: Ashangbor Akwetey-Kanyi
    Country: Ghana
    Year: 1999
    Running Time: 100 min.
    Language: Twi

    Namisha is the story of Slobo, a man who has lost his job, his wife to a richer man, and his two daughters to death from abortion … read more»

  • Patricia Van Heerden and Catherine Stewart
  • Biography: Patricia Van Heerden grew up on a cattle farm in the Northern Cape of South Africa. She completed her Bachelors’ degrees in social science and teaching at the University of Cape Town, and she completed her Masters in history … read more»

  • Sunday Films at Mid-Manhattan Library
  • Every Sunday, African Film Festival, Inc. and Mid-Manhattan Library will present screenings of cutting-edge classic and contemporary works from Africa and the Diaspora to the Midtown community and present a diverse and dynamic portrait of people of African heritage, through read more»

  • Lisa Merton
  • Biography: Lisa Merton started out her career as a weaver. She studied textile design and weaving in Scandinavia and, after returning to the U.S., worked professionally as a weaver for ten years. While studying in Norway she was inspired by … read more»

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