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  • Nicole Mackinlay Hahn
  • Biography: Nicole Mackinlay Hahn is an artist and filmmaker based in New York. Her experience and approach in documenting programs and people around the world, have established her as a premier director of socially conscious films. Nicole has worked extensively … read more»

  • Burkina, All About Women
  • Director: Nicole Mackinlay Hahn
    Country: Burkina Faso/USA
    Year: 2015
    Running Time: 11 min.
    Languages: French and Mooré with English subtitles

    Seeking to undo stereotypes about African women by looking at the professional lives of women in Burkina Faso, the film … read more»

  • Eka Christa Assam
  • Biography: Eka Christa Assam is a Cameroonian filmmaker who started her filmmaking career as an actress in 2006. After a couple of years as an actress, she made her first six-minute short film, Doormat, which was selected into the … read more»

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