Africiné (French)

Website of the African Federation for Cinematic Critique. Africiné acts as a French-language database on African cinema, which includes reviews, essays, and interviews, as well as information on films, directors, actors, distributors, and festivals. The site also publishes the journals African Screen and Asaru.

Africultures (French)

The Africultures website takes the paper edition of the journal a step further, providing additional information on and in-depth analysis of contemporary cultural expressions in Africa and the diaspora.

The website offers a host of extremely popular interactive services that can be accessed from the home page (classified ads, competitions, forums, reader initiatives, articles by readers, etc.) as well as a range of other services that cater to various information needs free of charge. You can also subscribe to the free weekly newsletter, which features news on cultural events.


Arterial Network is a dynamic, civil-society network of artists, cultural activists, entrepreneurs, enterprises, NGOs, institutions, and donors active in Africa’s creative and cultural sectors. Established as a member-based, non-profit organisation, Arterial Network operates as a bilingual network with French and English as its official languages.

Black Camera

An international scholarly film journal, Black Camera constitutes a new platform for the study and documentation of the black cinematic experience in the world.
Publisher: Indiana University

The Black Scholar

The Black Scholar is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal providing cogent articles that help the understanding of issues of social concern to black Americans and other peoples of African descent across the world.

California Newsreel

California Newsreel has produced and distributed cutting-edge social issue films for activists and educators since 1968. Today it is the oldest, independent non-profit documentary center in the country and the first systematically to integrate media production and distribution with the media needs of contemporary social change movements.

Cineaste Magazine

An American magazine with articles, film reviews, DVD reviews, and book reviews.

Cinema Journal

The Cinema Journal is published by the University of Texas Press on behalf of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies. It covers film studies, television studies, media studies, visual arts, cultural studies, film and media history, and moving image studies.

Publisher: University of Texas Press in cooperation with the Society for Cinema and Media Studies.


CINEMATIQ is the nations only print publication on the art, culture and business of cinematic portrayals dominated by images of the African Diaspora. This magazine highlights and discusses Black images in all films and their makers. The team is made up of artist, enthusiasts, critics,  journalists and scholars of color. Angel Brown independently publishes and distributes CINEMATIQ Magazine under BROWN-ROSS Publishing and will soon publish a monthly digital entertainment supplement for current subscribers. The complimentary supplement will highlight new film, web-series, and one feature along with special events and workshops from around the world. In addition to the hard copy and digital supplement, the official CINEMATIQ Magazine website, will be readily available for up-to-date coverage. The site features, exclusive  interviews, articles, profiles, plus CINEMATIQ’s collection of Photo-Journals from red carpets movie premieres to special events including video clips. The site also has a DVD and VOD library of Black theme classics from yesterday and today.

Film Comment

Film Comment is the official publication of the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Founded in 1962 and originally released as a quarterly, Film Comment features reviews and analysis of mainstream, art-house, and avant-garde filmmaking from around the world.

Film Quarterly

Film Quarterly is peer-reviewed, and publishes scholarly analyses of international cinemas, current blockbusters, Hollywood classics, documentaries, animation, and independent, avant-garde, and experimental film and video.

Publisher: University of California Press

Global Media Journal

The African Edition of Global Media Journal is maintained by the Journalism Department of Stellenbosch University in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It was launched in October 2007. It is advised by an editorial board of prominent International Communication scholars from throughout the world and publishes research papers, professional articles, and book reviews.

Publisher: Stellenbosh University Library

Journal of African Cinemas

The Journal of African Cinemas will explore the interactions of visual and verbal narratives in African film. It recognizes the shifting paradigms that have defined and continue to define African cinemas. Identity and perception are interrogated in relation to their positions within diverse African film languages. The editors are seeking papers that expound on the identity or identities of Africa and its peoples represented in film.

Publisher: Intellect Journals

Journal of African Media Studies

The Journal of African Media Studies (JAMS) is an interdisciplinary journal that provides a forum for debate on the historical and contemporary aspects of media and communication in Africa.

Publisher: Intellect Journals

Jump Cut

Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media is run on a nonprofit basis by its staff and is not affiliated with or supported by any institution. Begun in 1974 as a film publication, Jump Cut now publishes material on film, television, video, new media, and related media and cultural analysis. As a print publication till 2001, Jump Cut circulated 4000 copies per issue in North America and internationally to a wide range of readers including students, academics, media professionals, political activists, radicals interested in culture, film and video makers, and others interested in the radical analysis of mass culture and opposition media. Now, with free online access, our readership is much larger and more international.

The Moving Image

The Moving Image explores topics relevant to both the media archivist and the media scholar. The Moving Image deals with crucial issues surrounding the preservation, archiving, and restoration of film, video, and digital moving images. The journal features detailed profiles of moving image collections; interpretive and historical essays about archival materials; articles on archival description, appraisal, and access; behind-the-scenes looks at the techniques used to preserve, restore, and digitize moving images; and theoretical articles on the future of the field.

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press

NKA Journal of Contemporary African Art

Where no art history exists, critical journals and other related platforms are crucial to molding its discourse and involve all the intellectual processes that such an undertaking implies. In a newly developing field such as contemporary African art, a critical journal should play a significant role in creating the very discourse of the discipline itself.

Nka represents a step forward in that direction. The field of contemporary African and African Diaspora art has been neglected within the art historical debate. Despite growing interest in the field and the modernist and postmodernist experience, most mainstream art periodicals have marginalized African and Diaspora arts in general, let alone the contemporary forms. The few journals that exist in the field of African art either focus primarily on the ethnographic and the so-called traditional or authentic art forms, or give a cursory and mostly superficial look at the contemporary forms. Hence, Nka serves as an urgently needed platform, filling a serious gap in the field. It would be right to say that it has in a short period placed contemporary African art in a global perspective and brought significant aspects of contemporary African culture to the awareness of the world.

Publisher: Duke University Press

Revue Noire

Contemporary arts from Africa and the world. Created in 1990 by Jean Loup Pivin, Simon Njami, Pascal Martin Saint Léon and Bruno Tilliette, thereafter joined by N’Goné Fall, the team REVUE NOIRE showed contemporary artistic creativity of the African continent, at that time absent in the art world. In French and English.

Screen is the leading international journal of academic film and television studies. From video art to popular television, from Hollywood to Hong Kong, from art cinema to British film finance, Screen authors cover a wide range of issues, both contemporary and historical, from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Each quarterly issue combines substantial scholarly essays with reports and debates on conferences and current research, along with book reviews.

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Screening NOIR: A Journal of Black Film, Television, & New Media Culture

Screening NOIR critically explores representations of blackness through the scope of screen culture regarding a range of topics ranging from genre studies, spectatorship and reception, media aesthetics, etc..

Publisher: African, African American Caucus of the Society for Cinema and Media studies (SCMS), in cooperation with the University of California, Santa Barbra