Head Gone

Director:  Dare Fasasi
Country: Nigeria
Year: 2015
Running Time:
100 min.
English and Pidgin English with English subtitles

head gone

Due to a road mishap, a bus driver loses a group of psychiatric patients on the way to a federal hospital. To cover up the mistake, he and a nurse pick up unsuspecting commuters to substitute the patients and the plot thickens as the new passengers must try to prove their sanity in a psychiatric institution, while the escapees try to adjust to a new environment. This allegorical comedy of errors features some of Nigeria’s biggest names.



About the Director

Dare Fasasi

Biography: Dare Fasasi, aka ‘Baba Dee,’ is a graduate of Theatre Arts with a B.A. and M.A. in directing for stage and fiction film. The multi-talented actor, songwriter, and dance hall artist Baba Dee is one of the pioneer video directors that revolutionized the Nigerian music video industry. With five musical albums and several awards, Dare Fasasi returns to his first love, which is directing. He founded the Naija Ninja Entertainment Production Company with his brother and partner, Lanre Fasasi, aka ‘Sound Sultan.’

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Head Gone (2015, 2016).

Head Gone (2015).