Jeff L. Lieberman

jeff liebermanBiography: Jeff L. Lieberman is an award-winning journalist, producer and documentary filmmaker. His TV specials, news stories and documentaries have appeared on CBS, HBO, CNN, Fox and on the websites of Yahoo!, The New York Post, CBS Moneywatch and The Huffington Post.

Jeff’s recent Academy Award-qualifying documentary film, RE-EMERGING: The Jews of Nigeria opened theatrically in 2013 in New York and Los Angeles, and screened at festivals in Toronto, Boston, Washington, Vancouver, London, Switzerland and Israel.

Jeff is the founder of RE-EMERGING Films, which also regularly produces documentary programming for Coca-Cola, Walt Disney Films, Showtime’s Homeland, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Macy’s, Marlo Thomas and Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
The Amazing Nina Simone (2015).

In the Mix: 25 Days and Not a Minute More (2006);
RE-EMERGING: The Jews of Nigeria (2013);
The Amazing Nina Simone (2015).