Moisés Salama

Biography: Moisés Salama Benarroch graduated in Modern History from the University of Granada. He was an associate professor at the University of Granada in the Department of Communication and Documentation. Since 2001, he has been Content Director for the Festival of Malaga, where he has coordinated numerous conferences on documentary film and has edited a series of publications centered on Spanish and Latin American documentary film. In 2004, he completed Melillans, his directorial debut, with the collaboration of the production company Ático7, where he has been a partner since 2002. The film has been screened at numerous festivals. He directed several documentaries one of which, Atlas bereber, won second prize in Madrid’s Documenta Festival.

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Melillenses (Melilans) (2015).

Melillenses (Melilans) (2004).