Director: Ashangbor Akwetey-Kanyi
Country: Ghana
Year: 1999
Running Time: 100 min.
Language: Twi

Namisha is the story of Slobo, a man who has lost his job, his wife to a richer man, and his two daughters to death from abortion and childbirth. In despair, Slobo contacts his friend Owusu, whose service to the earth spirit Abadzen has made him wealthy. When Slobo also becomes rich, he uses Namisha, one of the spirits under Abadzen, to revenge the deaths of his daughters and the departure of his wife.

About the Director

Ashangbor Akwetey-Kanyi

Biography: Ashangbor Akwetey-Kanyi was born in 1959 and joined the film industry as an exhibition assistant in the early 1990s. It was there he began working for Mr. Augustine Abbey, “The Great Idikoko”. He later became Mr. Abbey’s production manager and worked on his productions, including Matters of the Heart. In 1994 he started his own production company, and since then he has written, produced and directed several films.


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Namisha (2001).

Namisha (1999);
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