Sonia Gamez

Biography: Sonia Gamez studied history in Spain and began her career as a researcher at the Institute of Mediterranean Culture. She is currently a lecturer in art history and history at the UNED. Her present work focuses on the Amazigh cultural heritage. After studying Maraboutism in northern Morocco, she made her first documentary film on the topic of this popular religious tradition in the Rif. Ziara is the culmination of her research and was screened at several film festivals in Spain as well as Austria. At present, she is at work on a new project on Sufism in Morocco, specifically about a controversial brotherhood known as the Aissawa.

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Ziara – Beyond the Threshold [Ziara, más allá del umbral] (2015).

Ziara – Beyond the Threshold [Ziara, más allá del umbral] (2013).