The Longest Kiss (A jamais, pour toujours)

Director: Alexandra Sicotte-Levesque
Countries: Canada
Year: 2013
Running Time: 74 min.
Language: English and Arabic with English subtitles

The meeting of the Blue and White Nile in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, is referred to as ‘the longest kiss in history’. As the Arab Spring was in full bloom, Sudan, straddling between the Middle East and Africa, was about to split in two. The film follows six young Sudanese searching for a place to call ‘home’ as their journeys take us up and down the Nile, between north and south Sudan, ahead of the south’s secession. Facing conflicting identities, youth in north Sudan grapple with a stale dictatorship while others in south Sudan hope to start over—but at what costs? For the first time a film gives a voice to Sudanese youth from different origins, Muslims and Christians. It is an intimate portrait of a complex society that bears witness to its inevitable fragmentation

About the Director

Alexandra Sicotte-Levesque

Biography: Alexandra Sicotte-Lévesque is a humanitarian aid worker, journalist and filmmaker. Originally from Montreal, Canada, Alexandra co-founded the non-profit organization Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) in 2012. She was awarded the Gordon Global Fellowship in 2006 which enabled her to produce her first documentary film, When Silence is Golden, about the impact of Canadian mining interests on a small community in Ghana, West Africa. The film was awarded a honorable mention at the Pan Africa Film Festival in Montreal, and was screened in the US, the UK and across Canada. After working for nearly 3 years in Sudan, with the BBC World Service Trust and the United Nations peacekeeping mission, Alexandra produced and directed her second documentary film, The Longest Kiss. The film premiered at the Montreal International Documentary Film Festival (RIDM) where it received a honorable mention for the Magnus Isacsson prize, and was broadcasted on Super Channel in Canada.

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