Makela Pululu

BiogPululuraphy: Born in Democratic Republic of Congo/ Kinshasa, Makela Pululu arrived in South Africa/ Cape Town as a refugee in 1197. He started in the filmmaking industry as a freelance spark and lighting workshop supervisor at MCC (The Movie Camera Company). After this, he went to study filmmaking with different film schools in Cape Town. He put himself through courses on scriptwriting, producing, and directing. His enthusiasm and love for filmmaking led him to direct and produce his first project, a 10- minute documentary called Being African. This film was selected in various international film festivals. Since then, he has directed several television documentaries for South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
A Shadow of Hope (2006).

A Shadow of Hope (2005);
Amina My Daughter (2007);
Silent Response (2008);
In Our Shoes (2008);
Foreign Correspondents (2008);
Claude Makelele (2009).