Okepne Ojang and Kyle O’Donoghue

Biography: Okepne Ojang was born in Cameroon in 1978 and moved to South Africa in 1998. Ojang was introduced to film informally and after a number of years learning the ropes, he acquired a solid understanding of the production of documentaries and short films. With a home video camera, he decided to start filming the members of a Congolese band (Tino La Musica) with the intention of making a short film about their success. Shortly after he began filming, xenophobic violence erupted and his film about a band became a film about much more.

Biography: Kyle O’Donoghue is a South African born documentary filmmaker. His work has taken him to every continent and he has a particular interest in telling stories which reflect strong environmental messages. As an expedition cameraman he has kayaked a first descent of a tributary of the Amazon and filmed a 70 day ski expedition in the Canadian Arctic. He has also spent 10 seasons in the Antarctic with polar explorer Robert Swan. He believes that telling personal, well crafted stories is one of the best ways to leverage and create real change.

(Source: http://www.pfchange.org/2015/04/13/kyle-odonogue-filmaker/)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Congo My Foot (2009).

Brass Boys (2007- Kyle O’Donoghue);
Congo My Foot (2008);
Wellbodi Bizness (2011- Kyle O’Donoghue).