Pastor Paul

Director: Jules David Bartkowski
Countries: USA/Ghana/Nigeria
Year: 2015
Running Time: 70min.
Language: English and Pidgin with English subtitles

Poster Still

Pastor Paul tells the story of a white tourist in Africa who is cast to play a ghost in a Nollywood film and suddenly becomes actually possessed by a ghost. From that point on his trip to Africa takes an unexpected turn and his life slowly turns into something not unlike a Nollywood film. Framed as a Chaplin-esque fool, Benjamin wanders around cities and villages seeking the mathematical secrets buried inside African drumming, only to have his project disturbed by becoming a vessel for the spirit of a colonial-era white missionary. Suddenly he’s prone to tourettic utterances, tongue-speaking bible quotes, words of his Nollywood character’s namesake, Pastor Paul.


About the Director

Jules David Bartkowski

Biography: Jules David Bartkowski made his directorial and acting debut with Pastor Paul. The film is a co-production with Pidgen Films in Ghana. Bartkowski is a life-long actor and performer, whose recent work includes writing and directing the web series, Alouette, 2012, in New Orleans, and lending voice talent to the short film Seriously Delinquent, 2013. He will release an album along with several music videos under the moniker “Goolis” later this spring.

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Pastor Paul (2016).

Pastor Paul (2015).