Under the Starry Sky

Director: Dyana Gaye
Country: France/Senegal
Year: 2013
Running Time: 86 min.
Language: French, Wolof, English and Italian with English subtitles


Between Turin, Dakar, and New York, three destinies cross paths and echo one another, forming a constellation of exile. Twenty-four-year-old Sophie leaves Dakar to join her husband, Abdoulaye, in Turin. Meanwhile, Abdoulaye has already left for New York through a smuggler’s network and 19-year-old Thierno is traveling in Africa for the first time. Under the Starry Sky takes us on a journey through three distinct, diverse cities, underscoring the realities, hopes, and dreams of contemporary emigration.

About the Director

Dyana Gaye

Biography: Dyana Gaye was born in Paris in 1975. After majoring in film studies at the University of Paris VIII in France, she won the Louis Lumière – Villa Médicis grant in 1999 for her script Une femme pour Souleymane, which she directed the following year. She was a finalist of the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative in 2004, and in 2005 she directed a musical one-shot sequence film, J’ai deux amours (My Two Loves), for the project Paris la métisse. In 2006, her film Ousmane (Deweneti) received numerous international distinctions, and was nominated for Best Short Film at the César Awards in 2008.

(Source: Through African Eyes – Conversations with the Directors – Volume 2, BONETTI Mahen and SEAG Morgan (Editors), 2010, African Film Festival, Inc. and Printinfo JV LLC, Yerevan, Armenia, p.133)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Une femme pour Souleymane (2000);
Ousmane [Deweneti] (2007);
Un transport en commun [Saint Louis Blues] (2010);
Under the Starry Sky (2016).

Une femme pour Souleymane (2000);
(Paris la métisse) J’ai deux amours [My Two Loves] (2005);
Ousmane [Deweneti] (2006);
Un transport en commun [Saint Louis Blues] (2009);
Under the Starry Sky (2013).