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  • Save the Date! 24th New York African Film Festival
  • In May 2017, the New York African Film Festival (NYAFF) returns to the Film Society of Lincoln Center (FSLC), Maysles Cinema, Lehman College and Brooklyn Academy of Music’s BAMcinématek for its 24th edition.The festival takes on the theme, The Peoples’ read more»

  • Chiwetel Ejiofor
  • Biography: Chiwetelu Ejiofor was born on July 10, 1977 in Forest Gate, London, England, to Nigerian parents, Obiajulu (Okaford), a pharmacist, and Arinze Ejiofor, a doctor. Chiwetel attended Dulwich College in South-East London. By the age of 13 he was … read more»

  • Cuba: An African Odyssey
  • Director: Jihan El-Tahri
    Country: Egypt, South Africa, and France
    Year: 2006-2007
    Running Time: 118 min.
    Language: French, English, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish

    From Che Guevara’s military campaign to avenge Lumumba in the Congo up to the fall of apartheid in … read more»

  • Bronx Princess
  • Director: Yoni Brook and Musa Syeed
    Country: Ghana and USA
    Year: 2008
    Running Time: 38 min.
    Language: Twi, English, and Ga

    Bronx Princess follows headstrong 17-year-old Rocky as she leaves behind her mother in New York City to reunite with … read more»

  • 19th National Traveling Series

    Since 1995, African Film Festival, Inc. has worked to increase access to African cinema by expanding its channels of distribution. In order to make the unique experience of watching African cinema available to a wider audience, AFF … read more»

  • The Light at the End of the Dark Continent
  • By Donald J. Levit
  • Man may work from sun to sun

    But woman’s work is never done.

             -Traditional (origin unknown)

    Little gems from the Third World float westward once in a while, under- or non-promoted/distributed, for limited runs, or remora-like hitch a ride on … read more»

  • White Wedding Review
  • By Akiedah Mohamed
  • The preview of White Wedding at Atlas studios in Johannesburg was packed yet people squeezed into any and every available space.  Within minutes of watching the film, I understood why there’s such a buzz ahead of its cinematic release; it’s … read more»

  • Cinemas of the South
  • By Imunga Ivanga
  • Cinematic production originating in the South is often understood as a cinema of transition. Unique luxury, it takes the time to paint a world that is distant and yet so close, both in its refusal of entertainment and in its … read more»

  • U-Carmen eKhayelitsha Review
  • By Marion Manigo
  • When I first saw U-Carmen eKhayelitsha at the 13th New York African Film Festival in April 2006, I was mesmerized.  Because the film made such a strong social statement with its casting of Carmen, I was forced to … read more»

  • The Rwandan Holocaust On Film
  • By Kimani wa Wanjiru
  • “Let me try and describe Kigali on April 1994,” Nick Hughes, a documentary cameraman with Vivid Features told and attentive audience in Harvard. “A convoy of Belgium paratroopers was going to a Catholic mission to rescue a white expatriate and … read more»

  • The Role of Music in African Cinema
  • By Beatriz Leal Riesco
  • Even today, an analysis of the complex role of music in film is often forgotten by critics, many of whom remain prostrate before the dictatorship of the image. Yet as a manifestation of culture, music has a privileged position with … read more»

  • Gone With the Critique
  • By Imunga Ivanga
  • Can we speak of cinema critique when it comes to the cinemas of Sub-Saharan Africa? This question, asked in such brutal a manner, still remains an enigma in my view. Under other auspices, the question of critique often translates itself … read more»

  • Ousmane Sembene’s London Season
  • By Toyin Falola
  • Offerring its highest honour on Ousmane Sembene last month, the British Film Institute (bfi) said the 82-year-old is “the Patron Saint of Black Cinema – to call him a director is a misnomer.” Sembene became the 58th recipient of the … read more»

  • Some Thoughts on the film “The Daily Nation”
  • By Tom Mshindi
  • I thought the film directors did a commendable job in capturing the mood and character of not only life within the Nation Media Group and newspaper industry in Kenya, but also of the country as a whole. The excellent shots … read more»

  • Yellow Card
  • By Steve Smith
  • YELLOW CARD is now developing a life of its’ own and we are encouraging organizations across the continent to take control and run with the project. While this is very exciting, it makes it increasingly difficult to keep track of … read more»

  • By Kimani Wa Wanjiru
  • As the fledgling African film industry tries to find its footing, women are emerging as some of its most ardent supporters and stakeholders across the continent. In film, women have found a forum where they can express their problems, desires, … read more»

  • Globalizing African Cinema?
  • By Mbye Cham
  • Is it a mere fortuitous coincidence that the last two decades of the twentieth century witnessed the re-emergence of the very same forces and ideologies of expansion, domination and control that burst onto the world scene in the last two … read more»