Fuelling Poverty

Director: Ishaya Bako
Countries: Nigeria
Year: 2012
Running Time: 30 min.
Language: English, Pidgin, Yoruba and Hausa

The oil subsidy placed on petroleum products in 2012 by the Nigerian government was meant to provide a much-needed relief on the cost of living for its citizens. However it was revealedthat about seven billion dollars was stolen from the Nigerian people in one year from the same program that was meant to provide relief for them. It is quite possibly one of the most daring frauds in history. Fuelling Poverty is a documentary that expresses and articulates this fraud.

With music from Femi Kuti and Asa, Fuelling Poverty is another collaboration between the award-winning team of writer/ director, Ishaya Bako and producer, Oliver Aleogena; a joint production between The Allied Film Company and Amateur Heads Media.

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