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revelfoxBiography: Revel Fox is a filmmaker from Cape Town who has worked in film and television in South Africa and the UK for a few decades. He is perhaps best known to South Africans as the director of the award-winning film about a young trapeze artist, The Flyer (2005). After graduating from the London National Film and Television School, Revel worked as a director and editor in the UK until 1994. Since his return to South Africa, he has directed numerous drama series and documentaries for South African television. His first feature film, The Flyer, was released in 2005 and shown at numerous film festivals around the world. His other works include A Question of the Heart (1995), Jozi-H – Rites of Passage (2007) and Long Street (2009).

(Source: http://www.indigenousfilm.co.za/wp-content/downloads/longstreet/Long_Street_Production_Notes_0810.pdf)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
A Question of the Heart (1997).

Practice Piece in Four Movements (1980);
Sister (1983);
Private Lives (1983);
Backstage (1983);
Evolution (1983);
A Question of the Heart (1995);
The Flyer (2005);
Jozi-H – Rites of Passage (2007);
Long Street (2009).

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