Zan Boko

Director: Gaston Kaboré
Countries: Burkina Faso
Year: 1988
Running Time: 94 min.
Language: Mooré


Zan boko means “place where the placenta is buried” in Moré, one of the principal languages of the filmmaker’s native Burkina Faso, and symbolizes an individual’s connection to the land and to future generations. Kaboré creates a gripping narrative out of the story of two men from very different worlds. They share a common integrity: a peasant farmer who loses his land to a wealthy businessman and a journalist whose uncompromising TV expose of the farmer’s victimization, is censored by a corrupt government. This film is the first to examine the role of mass media in contemporary Africa, Zan Boko is a tribute to the ancestral heritage of agrarian village societies.

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