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Since the first NY African Film Festival in 1993, AFF has cultivated an international network of industry professionals and media scholars to contribute insights to the historical and aesthetic significance of works by filmmakers in Africa and the Diaspora. Our collection of literature complements audience experiences of African cinema with the cultural contexts and production values that inform a finished work. It reflects the aspirations of AFF contributors as well as the directors themselves through interviews, film reviews, essays, and film industry observations.

  • Colonies, l’Empire des signes
  • By Charlotte Garson and Elisabeth Lequeret
  • « Colonies, les cicatrices de l’histoire » : la programmation fleuve qui se tient jusqu’au 30 avril Forum des Images ouvre une brèche, loin de toute…cicatrisation. En marge des fictions, pléthoriques mais connues, les films d’archives inédites françaises, belges, américaines, … read more»

  • Sembène the Ceddo
  • By Olivier Barlet
  • The Elephant had a toothache, as they would say in the Ivory Coast: the “Father of African film” left us during the night of the 9th of June 2007, aged 84, as a result of a long illness that prevented … read more»