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The AFF Films Archive is a catalogue of titles presented by AFF since 1993, when AFF established the first New York African Film Festival, and includes titles specially selected for AFF programs each year. The Films Archive contains film synopses, linked to directors’ biographies and filmographies. Find a film or director using our website search form in the menu above.


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  • Two Moms
  • Director: Andile Genge and Luiz Debarros
    Countries: South Africa
    Year: 2004
    Running Time: 48 min.
    Language: English

    Two Moms is an intimate profile of two exceptional women, lesbian couple Suzanne du Toit and Anna-Marie de Vos, and their two adopted … read more»

  • U-Carmen eKhayelitsha
  • Director: Mark Donford-May
    Country: South Africa
    Year: 2005
    Running Time: 120 min.
    Language: Xhosa

    Based on Bizet’s opera Carmen, U-Carmen eKhayelitsha takes place in Khayelitsha Township in Cape Town. Sung and spoken in Xhosa, this is a story of seduction, … read more»

  • U.M.H.K
  • Director: Sammy Baloji
    Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Year: 2008
    Running Time: 15 min.
    Language: French

    U.M.H.K. stands for Union Minière du Haut Katanga, a Belgian mining company founded in 1906, in Leopold II’s Congo Free State, to exploit … read more»

  • Umkhungo (The Gift)
  • Director: Matthew Jankes
    Country: South Africa
    Year: 2011
    Running Time: 26 min
    Language: Zulu

    A disillusioned Johannesburg street thug rescues an orphaned child with uncontrollable supernatural powers. On the run, he must help the sickly boy master his gift before … read more»

  • Under Examination
  • Director: Ahmed El Shaer
    Countries: Egypt
    Year: 2009
    Running Time: 3 min.
    Language: Arabic w/ English subtitles

    A citizen of Digitaland is seeking a visa to enter Planet Earth. A bureaucrat from the host planet, in charge of controlling movement … read more»

  • Under the Starry Sky
  • Director: Dyana Gaye
    Country: France/Senegal
    Year: 2013
    Running Time: 86 min.
    Language: French, Wolof, English and Italian with English subtitles

    Between Turin, Dakar, and New York, three destinies cross paths and echo one another, forming a constellation of exile. Twenty-four-year-old … read more»

  • Up Your Black Arse!
  • Director: Aurélien Bodinaux
    Country: Belgium
    Year: 2012
    Running Time: 14 min.
    Language: French

    In a Brussels retirement home, a Belgian and Congolese drink to their long lasting friendship. They argue over an old story. It’s one of broken dreams and … read more»

  • Uprising
  • Director: Fredrik Stanton
    Countries: Egypt / US
    Year: 2012
    Running Time: 85 min.
    Languages: Arabic / English

    Produced by an Academy Award-winning team, Uprising tells the inside story of the Egyptian revolution from the perspective of its principal leaders and … read more»

  • Valley of the Innocent / Tal der Ahnungslosen
  • Director: Branwen Okpako
    Countries: Germany / Nigeria
    Year: 2003
    Running Time: 85 min.
    Language: German

    Police officer Eva Meyer re-visits the orphanage where she grew up with the intent of unraveling her confused identity. Stasi archives reveal that her birth … read more»

  • Via New York
  • Director: Kagendo Murungi
    Countries: USA / Kenya
    Year: 1995
    Running Time: 10 min.
    Language: English

    Drawing from memory and narrative, Via New York explores the politicization of African students in New York and the participation of South African lesbians and … read more»

  • Virgin Margarida
  • Also Known As: Virgem Margarida
    Director: Licínio Azevedo
    Countries: France / Mozambique / Portugal
    Year: 2012
    Running Time: 90 min.
    Languages: French / Portuguese

    Veteran filmmaker Licínio Azevedo draws on the stories of real women who endured the Mozambican “re-education … read more»

  • Viva Frelimo!
  • Directors: Leonid Maksimov / Yuri Yegorov
    Country: USSR
    Year: 1971
    Running Time: 13 min.

    A document of the struggle of the people of Mozambique for independence and the history and activities of the organization Frelimo: Front for the Liberation of … read more»

  • Viva Riva!
  • Director: Djo Tunda Wa Munga
    Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Year: 2010
    Running Time: 96 min
    Language: French, Lingala, and Portuguese

    Riva, a small time operator returns to Kinshasa with a fortune and hijacked gasoline, after being away for … read more»

  • Waati / Time
  • Director: Souleymane Cissé
    Countries: Mali
    Year: 1995
    Running Time: 140 min.
    Language: English, Bambara, Dioula and French

    One of the contemporary cinema’s finest artists, Souleymane Cissé has created a remarkable, epic portrait of Africa today. Waati is the story of … read more»

  • Waiting For Happiness / Heremakono
  • Director: Abderrahmane Sissako
    Countries: Mali / Mauritania
    Year: 2002
    Running Time: 95 min.
    Language: French and Hassanya

    Nouadhibou is a small coastal Mauritanian city that acts as a transit point to the West. Abdallah returns home on his way to … read more»

  • Waiting For Valdez
  • Director: Dumisani Phakathi
    Countries: South Africa
    Year: 2002
    Running Time: 26 min.
    Language: English and Afrikaans

    In an unnamed section of 1970s Johannesburg, a cheerful, inquisitive schoolboy named Sharky stares transfixedly at a billboard poster promoting the screening of the … read more»

  • War Dance
  • Director: Sean Fine and Andrea Nix
    Countries: USA / Uganda
    Year: 2007
    Running Time: 105 min.
    Language: English / Acholi

    Three children living in a displacement camp in northern Uganda compete in their country’s national music and dance festival. It … read more»

  • Wariko, The Jackpot / Wariko, Le Gros Lot
  • Director: Fadika Kramo-Lanciné
    Countries: Ivory Coast
    Year: 1993
    Running Time: 100 min.
    Language: Bambara and French

    A traffic cop named Ali very unexpectedly wins the lottery. Only one problem: the winning ticket has disappeared. As Ali looks high and low … read more»

  • Watercolours
  • Director: Nantie Steyn
    Countries: South Africa
    Year: 1996
    Running Time: 11 min.
    Language: English

    Kobus, the mayor of a small town, becomes infatuated with Marie, a health enthusiast. He is very distressed when the apartheid laws are scrapped and Marie … read more»

  • Wattstax
  • Director: Mel Stuart
    Countries: USA
    Year: 1973
    Running Time: 103 min.
    Language: English

    Wattstax is a documentary about the epochal 1972 concert in Los Angeles (sometimes called the “Black Woodstock”), seven years after the Watts riots, which celebrated survival and … read more»