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Flaherty NYC Out From Under: Manthia Diawara

Monday, November 13, 2017, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm



Monday, November 13, 2017, 7 pm @ Anthology Film Archives
Flaherty NYC programmed by Maori Karmael Holmes & Charlotte Ickes

Director Manthia Diawara in person for a post screening discussion.

Co-presented with the African Film Festival.

Manthia Diawara
(2017, 70 min., Portugal, USA, Mali, DCP)

Tickets on sale at the box office 30 minutes before the screening.

An Opera of the World 4 copy
In this moving hybrid film, filmmaker and renowned scholar Manthia Diawara moves between essay and documentary, utilizing archival footage, interviews, performance, and footage of contemporary Mali–his homeland–to simultaneously reflect upon the migration of the opera form and the refugee crisis, as specifically experienced in Europe. Featuring a performance of the opera Bintou Were, a Sahel Opera, written by Chadian poet Koulsy Lamko, which tells the story of a young mother desperately attempting to make her way to a better future for herself and her unborn, Diawara masterfully interweaves stories of migration and crisis in Syria and Mali today.


DiawaraManthia Diawara was born in Mali, West Africa. He is a distinguished professor of Comparative Literature and Film at New York University. Diawara was educated in Guinea-Conakry, Bamako (Mali), and Paris (France), before migrating to the United States to pursue his studies. Diawara is a prolific writer and filmmaker. His essays on art, cinema, and politics have appeared in The New Times Magazine, LA Times, Libération, Mediapart, and Artforum. He is the author of two acclaimed memoirs: In Search of Africa (Harvard University Press, 2000) and We Won’t Budge: An African in the World (Basic Books, 2008). He has published several books on African and African American cinema. Diawara’s notable films include: An Opera of the World (2017), Negritude: A Dialogue Between Soyinka and Senghor (2016), Édouard Glissant, One World in Relation (2010), Maison Tropicale (2008), and Rouch In Reverse (1995).

OUT FROM UNDER explores labor, environment, spirituality, and exile through films and videos that are keenly interested in the capacious concept of “the underground.” Densely layered, these subterranean and submarine spaces have prompted us to consider intersecting themes, including: the underground/undocumented/unacknowledged labor of immigrants, women, and people of color; the sunken spaces of the Global South, including the Southern United States, territorialized and devalued as ‘below’ or ‘behind’ the rest of the world; and finally, the possibility of the underground as a space of confinement as well as liberation. A supple space tense with imaginative play, alternative world-making, disruptive actions, displacement as well as containment, the earth and sea below serve as both oppressive enclosures and radical openings, products of and unfettered from the order imposed on regulated life above ground.


Anthology Film Archives

32 Second Ave.
New York, NY United States