Tag: Amharic

  • Lamb
  • Director: Yared Zeleke
    Countries: Ethiopia
    Year: 2015
    Running Time: 94min.
    Language: Amharic with English subtitles

    When Ephraim, an Ethiopian boy, is sent from his homeland to live with distant relatives, he takes his beloved sheep with him. One day, his … read more»

  • Price of Love
  • Director: Hermon Hailay
    Countries: Ethiopia
    Year: 2015
    Running Time: 99min.
    Language: Amharic with English subtitles

    Teddy, the son of a prostitute who grew up on the streets after his mother’s death, desperately tries to avoid the temptation of his old … read more»

  • Red Leaves
  • Director: Bazi Gete
    Countries: Israel
    Year: 2014
    Running Time: 80 min.
    Language: Amharic and Hebrew with English subtitles

    Meseganio Tadela, 74, immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia 28 years ago with his family. He has chosen to zealously retain his culture, … read more»

  • The Dance of King David
  • Director: Axel Baumann
    Country: Ethiopia and USA
    Year: 2011
    Running Time: 33 min.
    Language: English and Amharic

    The film is based on a dance King David performed in front of the Ark over 3000 years ago and which is still … read more»

  • Lezare
  • Also Known As: For Today
    Director: Zelalem Woldemariam
    Country: Ethiopia
    Year: 2009
    Running Time: 15 min.
    Language: Amharic

    Lezare is a revealing and touching story about a homeless boy in a small village in southern Ethiopia, using beautiful visuals to … read more»

  • Jeans and Martò
  • Directors: Claudia Palazzi and Clio Sozzani
    Countries: Ethiopia / Italy
    Year: 2011
    Running Time: 52 min.
    Languages: Amharic / Afaan Oromo

    The story of a young Ethiopian pastoralist who escapes his arranged marriage to fulfill a dream. An apparently normal … read more»

  • Meteni: The Lost One
  • Director: Wondessen Deresse
    Country: Ethiopia
    Year: 2002
    Running Time: 30 min.
    Language: Amharic

    Meteni is a young Afar woman with two small children. The Afars are nomads who move with their herds through northeastern Ethiopia, the hottest region on earth. … read more»

  • Menged
  • Director: Daniel Taye Workou
    Country: Ethiopia
    Year: 2006
    Running Time: 21 min.
    Language: Amharic

    A short film adaptation of a well-known Ethiopian folk tale about a father and son traveling through the countryside to the market.

    read more»

  • Harvest 3000 Years
  • Director: Haile Gerima
    Country: Ethiopia
    Year: 1975
    Running Time: 150 min
    Language: Amharic

    Based in the U.S., Haile Gerima returned to his native Ethiopia to shoot this massive, staggering reflection on Ethiopia amidst the collapse of Haile Selassie’s uncaring regime … read more»

  • The Father
  • Director: Ermias Woldeamlak
    Country: Ethiopia
    Year: 2000
    Running Time: 30 min
    Language: Amharic

    During the Derg Period in Ethiopia, artist Alazar provides safety for his politically involved friend Jonas. There is a heavy personal price for Alazar and his wife, … read more»

  • Deluge: Ye Wonz Maibel
  • Director: Salem Mekuria
    Country: Ethiopia
    Year: 1996
    Running Time: 61 min.
    Language: Amharic

    Deluge is a visual essay that tells the story of Ethiopian students and their struggle to bring change in the political and social landscape during the 1970’s. … read more»

  • Blood Is Not Fresh Water
  • Director: Theo Eshetu
    Country: Ethiopia, Italy, and the UK
    Year: 1998
    Running Time: 56 min.
    Language: English, Amharic, and Italian

    Blood Is Not Fresh Water is the documentary of a passionate journey in Ethiopia, the director’s land of origin. Through … read more»

  • The 11th Hour
  • Director: Zelalem Woldemariam
    Country: Ethiopia
    Year: 2006
    Running Time: 90 min.
    Language: Amharic and English

    Ephrem – a professional photographer – meets Gemmet during an assignment and a love story unfolds between the two. It is not before long that … read more»