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  • Bastards
  • Director: Deborah Perkin
    Countries: Morocco and UK
    Year: 2014
    Running Time: 83 min.
    Language: Arabic and French

    At 14, Rabha El Haimer was a child bride, beaten, raped and then rejected. Ten years later, she is a single mother, because … read more»

  • B for Boy
  • Director: Chika Anadu
    Countries: Nigeria
    Year: 2013
    Running Time: 118 min.
    Language: Igbo

    Amaka is an affectionate, independent wife and mother living in a contemporary middle class Nigerian community. She is seven months pregnant, but is resistant to get an … read more»

Black Africa White Marble
  • Black Africa, White Marble
  • Director: Clemente Bicocchi
    Countries: Italy / USA
    Year: 2011
    Running Time: 77 min.
    Languages: English / French / Italian

    In the Republic of Congo, the long-time dictator plans to sweep aside the country’s most revered spiritual leader. The capital Brazzaville … read more»

Charles Burnett
  • Charles Burnett
  • Biography: Charles Burnett is a writer-director whose work has received extensive honors. Born in Vicksburg, Mississippi, in 1944, his family soon moved to the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles. Burnett studied creative writing at UCLA before entering the University’s graduate … read more»