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  • Burning in the Sun
  • Director: Cambria Matlow and Morgan Robinson
    Country: Mali
    Year: 2009
    Running Time: 82 min.
    Language: French, English, and Bambara

    Young West African Daniel Dembele looks to make his mark on the world. Leaving Europe to return to his homeland Mali, … read more»

  • Bunny Chow
  • Director: John Barker
    Country: South Africa
    Year: 2006
    Running Time: 95 min.
    Language: Afrikaans, Tsotsi Taal and English

    Bunny Chow, part of The Global Film Initiative’s Global Lens 2008 series, follows the raucous and often ridiculous weekend journey of … read more»

  • Bul Déconné
  • Director: Massaër Dieng and Marc Picavez
    Country: Senegal and France
    Year: 2005
    Running Time: 75 min.
    Language: French and Wolof

    After an argument with his examiners at one of Senegal’s top universities, Sogui withdraws from his comfortable and legitimate life. … read more»

  • Buckle Brothers
  • Director: Marquette Williams
    Country: USA
    Year: 2005
    Running Time: 75 min.
    Language: English

    As Lil Ron Jennings leads this small group of young bull-riders from South Central and Compton on the summer rodeo circuit, we are taken on a journey … read more»