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  • Contained
  • Director: Mamadou Dia
    Country: USA
    Year: 2015
    Running Time:
    Language: English and French with English subtitles

    Sierra Leone, summer 2014. Abdu is quarantined because he is suspected of having Ebola. Contained alone, he starts to question his health and his … read more»

  • Twaaga (Invincible)
  • Director: Cedric Ido
    Country: France
    Year: 2013
    Running Time: 30 min.
    Language: French, Arab and Mooré with English subtitles

    Burkina Faso in 1985 is a country in the throes of revolution. Manu, a young boy who loves comics, tags along … read more»

  • Towards Tenderness
  • Director: Alice Diop
    Country: French
    Year: 2016
    Running Time: 40 min.
    Language: French with English subtitles

    An intimate exploration of a masculine territory in a French suburb, Towards Tenderness follows a group of vagrant men, while a universe is revealed … read more»

  • The Return
  • Director: Yohann Kouam
    Country: France
    Year: 2015
    Running Time: 22 min.
    Language: French with English subtitles

    It’s been a year since his big brother left, and Willy, 15, can’t wait for him to return. Willy thought he knew everything about … read more»

  • Destino
  • Director: Zangro
    Country: France
    Year: 2015
    Running Time: 22 min.
    Language: In French with English subtitles

    Two young guys from the neighborhood (Loïc and Mehdi) have set up a little business filming Arabic wedding celebrations and then editing them in … read more»

  • Under the Starry Sky
  • Director: Dyana Gaye
    Country: France/Senegal
    Year: 2013
    Running Time: 86 min.
    Language: French, Wolof, English and Italian with English subtitles

    Between Turin, Dakar, and New York, three destinies cross paths and echo one another, forming a constellation of exile. Twenty-four-year-old … read more»

  • Director: Samba Gadjigo and Jason Silverman
    Country: Senegal/USA
    Year: 2015
    Running Time: 82 min.
    Language: English and French with English subtitles

    In 1952, Ousmane Sembene, a Senegalese dockworker and fifth-grade dropout, began dreaming an impossible dream: to become the storyteller … read more»

  • Egypt’s Modern Pharaohs
  • Director: Jihan El-Tahri
    Countries: Egypt/France/USA/Qatar
    Year: 2014
    Running Time: (56min. x 3) 168min.
    Language: Arabic, French and Russian with English subtitles

    On January 25, 1952, downtown Cairo was burnt down: angry mobs demanded the departure of British colonial military rule … read more»

  • Jacques Dubuisson
  • Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
    Imûhar ().

    Specola (1980);
    The Laws of Hospitality (1980);
    Film for Resistance
    Rea el, The Forgotten Vizir (1991);
    After Rain
    Imûhar (1997);
    Brundibar (2014).

    read more»

  • AFRIPEDIA Series
  • Directors: Teddy Goitom, Benjamin Taft and Senay Berhe
    Countries: Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Sweden
    Year: 2014
    Running Time: 140 min.
    Language: English, Portuguese, French and Wolof with English subtitles


    Angola welcomes us to the home of heavy … read more»

  • Cuba: An African Odyssey
  • Director: Jihan El-Tahri
    Country: Egypt, South Africa, and France
    Year: 2006-2007
    Running Time: 118 min.
    Language: French, English, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish

    From Che Guevara’s military campaign to avenge Lumumba in the Congo up to the fall of apartheid in … read more»

  • Circus Without Borders
  • Director: Susan Gray
    Country: Canada/Guinea/USA
    Year: 2015
    Running Time: 70 min.
    Language: English and French w/ English subtitles

    World-class acrobats and good friends Guillaume Saladin and Yamoussa Bangoura come from very different corners of the globe—the … read more»

  • Sister Oyo [Soeur Oyo]
  • Director: Monique Mbeka Phoba
    Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo/Belgium
    Year: 2014
    Running Time: 24 min.
    Language: Lingala, Kikongo and French with English subtitles

    In the colonial Congo of the 50’s, Godelive, a young Congolese, who was taught traditional customs … read more»

  • The Prophecy
  • Director: Marcia Juzga
    Countries: Senegal
    Year: 2015
    Running Time: 20 min.
    Languages: French and Wolof with English subtitles

    The Prophecy is a photographic project whose objective is to raise the awareness of the Senegalese population and the rest of the … read more»

  • Plot for Peace
  • Director: Carlos Agullo and Mandy Jacobson
    Countries: South Africa
    Year: 2013
    Running Time: 84 min.
    Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Afrikaans and Spanish with English subtitles

    In the new documentary thriller, Plot For Peace, heads of state, generals, diplomats, master … read more»

  • National Diploma
  • Director: Dieudo Hamadi
    Countries: Congo/France
    Year: 2014
    Running Time: 92 min.
    Languages: French and Lingala with French and English subtitles

    National Diploma follows a group of young Congolese high school students who are about to sit the exam for their … read more»

  • Networks of Hate
  • Director: Rokhaya Diallo
    Countries: France
    Year: 2014
    Running Time: 52 min.
    Languages: French with English subtitles

    Key areas of expression, today’s social and internet networks have become an outlet through which the most racist, homophobic, and sexist ideas are expressed.… read more»

  • Incorruptible
  • Director: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
    Countries: Senegal/USA
    Year: 2015
    Running Time: 90 min.
    Language: English, French and Wolof with English subtitles

    In the Spring of 2011, Senegal was pitched into crisis when President Abdoulaye Wade decided to change the constitution to … read more»

  • Timbuktu
  • Director: Abderrahmane Sissako
    Countries: Mauritania
    Year: 2014
    Running Time: 97 min.
    Language: Arabic, Bambara, English, French and Songhay

    Not far from Timbuktu, now ruled by the religious fundamentalists, Kidane lives peacefully in the dunes with his wife Satima, his daughter … read more»

  • Burkina, All About Women
  • Director: Nicole Mackinlay Hahn
    Country: Burkina Faso/USA
    Year: 2015
    Running Time: 11 min.
    Languages: French and Mooré with English subtitles

    Seeking to undo stereotypes about African women by looking at the professional lives of women in Burkina Faso, the film … read more»